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Monday, February 22nd, 2010
7:14 pm
Tuesday, February 5th, 2008
6:33 pm
Wake up!
This community's kinda dead as of late.  With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we should put some life back into it!  I'll start.  Let's see...How about a simple post to start. 

I started dating a new guy about 2 months ago.  He's been nothing but wonderful to me.  He does so many, many things for me.  One of the sweetest is that he regularly makes me breakfast (sometimes even in bed).  Oh, and from the furry aspect...He is getting a fursuit made, partly because he knows how much I love fursuits.  :)  How awesome is that?

So, what does your significant other do to make you smile?

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Saturday, June 9th, 2007
1:48 pm
Is this true?
Close to Home

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Tuesday, March 27th, 2007
12:45 pm
Furry weddings?
Hi all! Just thought I'd post and wake everyone up :) 

My mate and I have been doing a lot of talking about wedding stuff lately, and it's made me curious-have any of you had furry elements or plan to have furry elements in your wedding? We'd really like to include it, because it's a big part of who we are as people, as well as how we met in the first place, but would also like to keep it as "classy' as we can (no fursuits, tails, etc). I had an idea about incorporating a speech on what the Wolf and the Horse represent in, say, mythology or totemism, and how it relates to our personalities, and also incorporating an overall animal theme to the whole affair. 
Thoughts? Ideas? Throw 'em out there!

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007
8:28 am
a Valentines Day Poll
Just a bit of silliness....

The local paper ran the usual sort of feature for Valentines day, having readers report their BEST and WORST Valentine's Day.

One woman reported the following as her WORST experience: "The strangest and worst gift I received was--a guy whom I was dating, was wearing under his clothes the bra set he was going to give me. He wanted me to search him for the gift; I was under the impression it was something of a gold nature. It turned out to be this set of Undergarments from Victoria's Secret. He thought it was creative; I thought it was creepy and the relationship ended quickly after that incident. Eeekkkkkkkkk!"

OK, let's say your sweetie has dressed up in your present...how would you react?

A) Repeat of above SQUICK!
B) Would find it amusing for the cross dressing.
C) Would find it amusing, because we do/or do not wear the same sizes.
D) *Shrug* because we already share our underwear.
E) *Sigh*, lingerie is not my fetish.
F) Would ask them to do a striptease and hope they have matching pasties underneath.
G) Think it's a hot turn on.
You may choose more than one response or add your own.......

(I'd be thrilled and choose F and G)

Oh and btw, I was shopping in the women's lingerie section of WalMart and they were featuring some boy-cut briefs for girls...if a male honey got these for his girl and modeled them...would that be a Double-crossed crossdress?

I know it's still a bit early, but Happy Valentine's Day, Russ; I Love You!
12:02 am
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, with a mate or without...I hope you have a great day!

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Saturday, February 10th, 2007
3:31 am
Hello everyone! I actually saw this community when it was first advertised in openpaws (I think it was), but I only just decided to join. So here I am. I'm Rabbitswift, or Rabbit to most. (I'm a rabbit in name only though, my animal is the swift fox.) I guess the thing I want most out of this place, for now, is to kind of lurk and maybe pick up on some advice. I don't know how much advice I can give out, since I've only dated two people in my life and the first relationship didn't last much past three months. Still, I'll be more than happy to try. I'm single right now, though my last relationship was with another fur. Unfortunately for me, she came to the realization that she was interested exclusively in women. (So far as I could gather from the email she sent me, anyway.) It really wasn't much of a surprise, either, since we'd already split up once and gotten back together. But we're still pretty good friends, and I think she's a lot happier than she was, which is some consolation.

I'm not really looking for a relationship at the moment, which is kind of why I held off on joining. Part of that has to do with some personal issues, and partly it's because I don't want to rush into anything and risk hurting someone else. But I thought this community might be worth a look anyway. And that's probably more than enough from me, so I'll end here for now. Nice to meet you all!


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Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
7:29 pm
Hello, all. Introducing myself =3 My name is Spike, and I'm mated to hindpaws . He and I have been only been together for coming up on only 9 months, but it's been 9 great months. And we're both looking forward to many more. We met at a local furmeet last year; obviously that means both of us are furs ^__^ Furry art all over the walls, fursuits in the closets, only vacations we take are to cons, etc. It's great =3 Took me a bit to screw up the courage to ask him out, but was happy when he said yes.

Hope to get support from the group when/if we need it, and share stories with other furry couples =)

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4:20 am
My name is Kowe, and my mate's name is silverwerret. We've been together for nearly four years or so now, and married for nearly one. We met via the internet while he was serving over in Iraq and I was finishing high school in Colorado Springs. We hope to get valuable advice from this community about any issues that may arise in our relationship, such as jealousy, communication, parenting, etc.

Thanks for having us!

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Sunday, January 21st, 2007
3:29 pm
Hi everyone, I recently found this community, but hadn't decided to be an active member until very recently. I am Butterscotch Vixen, who you may or may not know. My real name is Susan Butterscotch Foxx, though I go by Susie most of the time, or even Suzie-Q to my very close friends. Recently, I became mates with the lovely spectravixen. We have known each other for many years and have dated off and on, but recently it has become much more than a dating relationship. We do love each other very much and want to be together for as long as we can be good for each other. Now, I will be the first to admit, I have a terrible track record with relationships, but if each one is a learning experience, then I am learning more and more, and thus it is all good in the end.

The thing about our relationship that is a bit out of the norm is the fact that we are both Male to Female Transgendered. I am a bit further along the path in my transition than Spectra is, and live both fulltime and am legally a female now. Spectra is still considered legally male at this time, and this posses an interesting condition. Since I am legally Female and she is still legally male, I found out through some research that we can indeed be legally married if we choose to do so, and we are actually considering that at this time, as she really does want to marry me. I however am a bit leary of marriage, as my last marriage ended due to miscommunications about just what it meant to us both. I suppose it is should be noted that another community member here, cloverr, is my ex-spouse, and I do not blame her at all for the issues that arose between us. Now, we are dear, close girl-friends, and I even live with her and her partner, netwolf again as a roommate. And while I would dearly love to be a part of their relationship again, I am not pushing for that at this time. It should also be noted that all of us involved here are also of the polyamorous lifestyle and belief system.

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself here, and I shall as my dear Spectra if she also wishes to join.
2:03 pm
Ceremony and Commitment
So, Russ and I have been being all kinds of gooey sweet recently and are planning to have a commitment ceremony in May. This will be a brief ceremony or ritual to publically affirm, and celebrate with our friends, our relationship commitment to each other. It's the ritual of a wedding without the legal forms. We will be holding this event (to be followed by a less sedate room party) at the RocketCityFurMeet, a furry convention held annually here in Hunstville..

What's in a word?

I have to admit, even though I have bantered around the term myself, that I *cringe* just a bit at the popular furry phrase "pawfasting". Yes, I'm furry. Yes, we are having the ceremony at a con (because it's a good place to get together with all our friends). But furry isn't the sum of my identity; it's not the end all of who I am, or who Russ and I are together. My avatar may indeed be a fluffy bunny....but "pawfasting" sounds just a little too fannish (ie..fluffy bunny) for me.

"Handfasting" is better, but has some neo-pagan overtones to it. I do lean towards such a mindset, but am not actively pagan. I may thank the goddess I've got Russ to love, but were keeping this non-religious.

So, I guess I am comfortable with calling it a commitment ceremony, and in my heart it's my wedding.

Relationship timetable/fyi: So, I'll admit, the wulf and I got off to a hare-trigger start, meeting in late August of 2005, having one hell of a con fling at MFM that year, and his moving in with Susie and I six weeks later. That part may have been moving quickly, but we've been together ever since then, and growing ever closer. We had earlier talked about some sort of poly commitment ceremony, when Susie was part of the mix and I was her legal spouse, but then that got shelved with my divorce and our moving and all the related hoopla. So, here Russ and I are now, reevaluating our relationship and revisiting ideas.

More tmi/fyi: Yes, we are currently and will continue to be in a non-traditional, non-monogamous relationship.
Saturday, January 13th, 2007
1:55 am
Sorry for just asking questions here
Which of these is the better option:

Pursuing someone you're interested in?


Saying something once and never again?
Monday, January 8th, 2007
6:05 pm
Bear meets Tanuki
Hiya, I joined a while ago, but haven't gotten around to writing up an intro until now. :)

My name's Growly, and I am engaged to volatilemonk.
We first met in highschool- he was in 3 of my classes one year, and a mutual friend of ours sort of made us aware of each other. Back then, he was the quiet, angry type, so I misjudged his personality- I thought he was kinda creepy until we got to know each other over the next couple of years in school. I always knew he had a crush on me, but I never admitted it was mutual till around senior year.
After our first date, we went out on another, and another... well, you get the picture. :) We've been together now over two years and plan on getting married after college.

My fiancée didn't start out furry- I introduced him to the whole subculture over time and he decided he wanted to be a part of it. He created his fursona, VM Tanuki, and I made him a full fursuit so he could come suit with me at the next con. :)

It is also very fortunate that we both had the same art college in mind- we're going to school together, he lives right above me in the same building. :)

We've not been without our hardships though... he graduated from high school a semester late, so we were four hours away from each other for several months on end. That was very hard, but I think it also helped us strengthen our bond in the long run.
We've also had a few fights, some of which were pretty fierce.
On the whole though, we both appreciate each other and our good fortune to have such a loving partner that we can usually keep a level head through our disagreements. We are kindred spirits- two kids that grew up being the black sheep with very few friends, and even fewer relationships. In that way, we don't take each other for granted. :)

I used to be afraid that just because we were young when we got together, that our relationship would automatically be doomed to failure.
But them I realized- we are a lot different from our peers. Most of the statistics come from flaky, loose, arrogant teens who cheat and lie and get needlessly jealous.
As long as both of us continue to work at the relationship and love each other, I think we will do just fine. :)

Well, that's the long and short of it- if you have any questions, I'd be willing to answer (within reason).
5:03 pm
*waves a paw*
Hello everyone, I'm new to the community as well as the furry fandom. So I thought I'd say "Hi" and tell a bit about myself. ^.^

I'm a single, female, fur. I'm not necessarily looking for a mate, but hoping someone special will come along when the time is right.

I was hurt a long while ago and it killed the romantic in me for a while. For a long time I kinda hoped someone would sweep me off my feet and fix that. Instead I ended up getting involved with a close friend of mine, and took another hard fall because of it.

I think I'm over all of that for the most part. Thought the romantic in me isn't completely revived yet. I'm kinda hoping to get some reassurence in love out of this community to be honest. XD

Anywho, I try to be open minded and I love meeting new people so feel free to send me an IM/email sometime if you're in need of company or feeling chatty.

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Sunday, January 7th, 2007
12:13 pm
another relationship question
How do you tell someone you truly care for and want to remain close friends with that you aren't interested in a physically intimate relationship with them? (Especially when you have had a sexual relationship with them in the past and are now roommates again sharing a house?)

Well, I know how you say it--but how does one then conduct oneself so no one gets mixed messages or gets unduly hurt?
Saturday, January 6th, 2007
6:15 pm
What do you think?
Here's a conversation starter (while I'm enjoying a lazy day home alone while my partner is out being social):

Here's a radical thought about keeping intimacy alive in relationships: don't do everything together. Cultivate your own set of friends. Create differences, not affinities.

Sexual excitement doesn't always play by the rules of good citizenship. It is politically incorrect. It thrives on power plays, unfair advantages, and the space between self and other. Good sex requires a spark. A spark requires a gap. Cross the gap, feel the sizzle. No gap? The best you can hope for is a cuddle.

(In her book, MARRIAGE IN CAPTIVITY: RECONCILING THE EROTIC AND THE DOMESTIC, author and psychotherapist Esther Perel explains that our cultural penchant for equality, togetherness, and absolute candor is antithetical to erotic desire for both men and women.

Perel recommendations for rekindling eroticism involve cultivating separateness (e.g., autonomy) in a relationship rather than closeness (entrapment); exploring dynamics of power and control (i.e., submission, spanking); and learning to surrender to a "sexual ruthlessness" that liberates us from shame and guilt. "There is no such thing as 'safe sex,'" she writes.... Sex requires mystery, excitement, uncertainty. In short, Perel sanctions fantasy and play and offers modern couples a unique richness of experience.)

No, I have NOT read this book yet; I'm only paraphrasing from reading some amazon.com reviews and Susie Bright's blog/interview with Perel. Sounds pretty smart to me though; IMHO, I've never thought partners had to be (or should be) joined-at-the-hip clones to make love real or to make it work.
Saturday, December 30th, 2006
7:49 pm
As of right now I am a single fur but not enjoying it. Even though I have been hurt a few times in a relationship and dating I still haven't given up. I love having someone with me to share my time and hold when we are together. I am a straight fur so looking for a female that would like a closed relationship.
Thursday, December 21st, 2006
5:24 pm
About Us...
Well, I might as well post something here, since this community is about furry couples after all. :-)

Jenn and I have been married for over a year now and are very much in love with each other. :-)

Our relationship is a CLOSED one as both of us believe in lifetime monogamy and failthfullness. We're planning on starting a family in about a 1.5 years, after we move in to our new home comming up in October 2007.

I was furry first, and introduced Jenn to the furry world (among other interests) while we were still dating. Yes, we've had our trials and tribulations, but we've stuck through them and are a stronger couple for it. :-)

And that's just a little about us.

Orca _)\_

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Wednesday, December 20th, 2006
3:12 am
Ambivalent but I'd die again for you...
O.o; joining through the lovely Anya and Thrash darlings... Cause they rock many many socks.

Anyway... I'm Mali (AKA Angelwolf or even Jessa) and I'm a labrador/wolf cross ;3 I'm rather happily (and exclusively) mated to my Sephi (Border Collie with a feline alter ego), sephikun , for a bit over a year now. I reside in Broomfield, CO (a bit North of Denver) and the boy lives in Glasgow, Scotland. We met over the furry dating site, Pounced. Crazy, seeing as I'd convinced myself I'd never get myself into a long-distance relationship. He just... Was/is everything I was looking for (even down to the fact that I have a thing for Scotsmen X3)...

He first came over to see me March of this year which proved he was who I thought he was. Then I was over in Scotland in September, solidifying my love for the place and actually finding my home in the way it called to my soul...

However, we've had our problems lately, rather more than I'd like to admit. I love him, but the distance is killing us, to be honest... I'm not really sure how far I'd go into this, being my first post here, but... Alot of things went down in the last month- one that nearly tore us completely apart with how badly he hurt me... And the typical others- such as the holidays, new jobs, obligations for him (the Scottish anime con- Auchinawa, his band practices, and friends), my moving to Denver area...

He's to be coming out to see me in February- three weeks and over valentine's... And hopefully things will get better. I feel as if I've ranted entirely too much already... So I'll leave you with my art sites ehehe... *meekly wags her tail*

Over on DeviantART at http://angelwolf.deviantart.com
or the risque FurAffinity at http://www.furaffinity.net/user/angelwolf

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Tuesday, December 19th, 2006
11:47 pm
I know this isn't the optimal group to ask this to, but...

I have no real interest in open relationships (been there, done that, been hurt). Obviously, I want a closed relationship. The problem is with my definition of closed.

So...how closed is too closed?
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